(Dimensions of poster boards are: 2.40m width x 1.20m length (8' x 4'))poster

Please note the following information regarding your poster presentation:

  • Please prepare your poster on one sheet and the dimensions should not exceed 2.40m in width x 1.20m in length (8' x 4'). Alternatively, presenters may display their material on several smaller sheets.

  • The dimensions of the poster should not exceed 2.40m in width x 1.20m in length. (8' x 4')

  • Allocate the top portion of the poster for the title and authors as stated on the submitted abstract.

  • The text, illustrations, etc. should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters (six feet).

  • The background should contain 3 to 5 telegraphic sentences outlining information necessary to understand the study and why it was done.

  • The aims of the study, the questions to be asked, or the hypothesis to be tested should be clearly stated in as few words as possible.

  • Outline your methods briefly. Provide details only for new methods or important modifications of older ones.

  • Results should be presented as graphs or charts. Provide a key to explain symbols or other details. You may also want to provide an interpretation of the results below each panel.

  • The conclusions should be concise.

  • Boards are Velcro compatible. Tacks and technical equipment will be available for hanging posters.

  • Please refer to the Congress Final Program for the poster number assigned to you. Please use the board with the same number.

poster dimensions


Please make yourself available next to your poster from 08:00 – 08:30 and during the coffee break for morning poster sessions and from 13:30 – 14:00 and during the coffee break in the afternoon sessions.

The Congress Organizers are not responsible for posters that have not been removed / collected by the end of the day’s sessions.

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