awardsThe International Academy of Cardiology has established five awards to honor the memory of distinguished colleagues who made a major contribution to Medicine and Cardiology and who were members of the faculty for previous International Academy of Cardiology meetings. As in previous years, the recipients were selected by a very prestigious Awards Committee. The awards for 2013 will be presented at the opening ceremony of the Congress.


The WALTER BLEIFELD MEMORIAL AWARD for distinguished work in the field of Clinical Research

1995 William Ganz, USA
1996 John B. Barlow, South Africa
1997 Sidney Goldstein, USA
2000 E. Douglas Wigle, Canada
2002 Uri Elkayam, USA
2003 John A. Elefteriades, USA
2005 James H. Chesebro, USA
2007 Clive Rosendorff, USA
2008 Harisios Boudoulas, Greece
2010 Wilbert S. Aronow, USA
2011 Maryl R. Johnson, USA
2012 Anne B. Curtis, USA


The ALBRECHT FLECKENSTEIN MEMORIAL AWARD for distinguished work in the field of Basic Research

1995 Lionel H. Opie, South Africa
1996 Peter Ganz, USA
1997 Jutta Schaper, Germany
2000 Naranjan S. Dhalla, Canada
2002 Hani N. Sabbah, USA
2003 Jawahaw L. Mehta, USA
2005 Francis G. Spinale, USA
2007 Thomas Force, USA
2008 Robert Roberts, Canada
2010 Pawan K. Singal, Canada
2011 Dipak K. Das, USA
2012 Teruhiko Toyo-Oka, Japan


The JAN J. KELLERMANN MEMORIAL AWARD for distinguished work in the field of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

1995 Nanette Kass Wenger, USA
1996 James S. Forrester, USA
1997 Charles H. Hennekens, USA
2000 Bodh I. Jugdutt, Canada
2002 William T. Abraham, USA
2003 Dean Ornish, USA
2005 Rodolfo Paoletti, Italy
2007 Gerald S. Berenson, USA
2008 Philip R. Liebson, USA
2010 Elizabeth L. Barrett-Connor, USA
2011 Nathan D. Wong, USA
2012 Ulrich Keil, Germany

The HANS-PETER KRAYENBUEHL MEMORIAL AWARD for distinguished work in the field of Research in Cardiac Function

1995 Edmund H. Sonnenblick, USA
1996 Harold J.C. Swan, USA
1997 William H. Gaasch, USA
2000 Ralph Shabetai, USA
2002 Jeffrey S. Borer, USA
2003 Sergio Dalla-Volta, Italy
2005 Michael E. Cain, USA
2007 Lewis C. Becker, USA
2008 Sherif F. Nagueh, USA
2010 Gerd Heusch, Germany
2011 Martin A. Alpert, USA
2012 Louis P. Perrault, Canada


The MELVIN L. MARCUS MEMORIAL AWARD for distinguished contribution as a Gifted Teacher

1995 Kanu Chatterjee, USA
1996 Shahbudin H. Rahimtoola, USA
1997 Robert A. O'Rourke, USA
2000 A. Jamil Tajik, USA
2002 Daniel S. Berman, USA
2003 David H. Spodick, USA
2005 Shlomo Stern, Israel
2007 George W. Vetrovec, USA
2008 Udho Thadani, USA
2010 Navin C. Nanda, USA
2011 Michael H. Criqui, USA
2012 Barry F. Uretsky, USA

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