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IAC 2018



Hakan Paydak, M.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR, USA


In a pooled data from 5 population-based studies of Syncope, aproximately 20% of the cohort had a cardiac origin. Cardiac arrhythmias are known to lead to syncope in elderly patients and also in patients with low ejection. Over the last 15 years, our group has published and presented several unusual arrhythmic causes of syncope:1. Pace before itís too late! 2nd degree AV block with RBBB and Left Anterior Fascicular Block. 2. Brugada Syndrome: An Unusual Cause of Seizure Disorder. 3. Torsades de Pointes Following Intravenous Administration of Haloperidol in a Patient with Complete Heart Block. 4. Oral Theophylline as Temporizing Treatment of Neck Mass Induced Carotid Sinus Syncope.5. Flecainide Associated Torsade de Pointes: A Potential Cause of Reverse Use Dependence. 6. Cardiac MRI Findings in Mucolipidosis III, in a Patient Presenting with Syncope. 7. Methadone Induced Torsades de Pointes Mimicking Seizures in Clinical Presentation. 8. A Mysterious Wide Complex Tachycardia. 9. Gulp of Fear: A Case of Swallowing Induced AV Block. 10. Neurocardiogenic Syncope in a patient with LBBB.



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