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The International Academy of Cardiology is dedicated to the advancement of global research in cardiovascular medicine through the support of scientific meetings and publications.
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21st World Congress on Heart Disease



Komandoor S. Srivathsan, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ, USA


Pacemakers require contiguous electrical wires from energy source to induce cardiac stimulation resulting in cardiac contraction. The battery source and electronic circuitry are in a far away location from the heart due to the utility of the leads. Leads themselves are subject to cardiac motion, creating stress, which in turn can test their structural or functional integrity. Leadless pacemakers, by integrating power source, electronic circuitry and stimulating electrodes into one single unit, facilitate intra cardiac placement of these devices. At this time, single chamber leadless pacemakers are available and multi-chamber pacemakers are in development.



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