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  • A Berendt Associates, Inc. (Charleston, SC, USA)
    Our firm specializes in Cardiology placements nationwide. We have over 250 clients across the country. Our candidates are from top schools. We work with new graduates, as well as relocating physicians. Your search ends here.


  • Avery Poe, Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    We are a physician recruitment firm.  We have been placing physicians for over 13 years.

  • Cejka Search  (St. Louis, MO, USA)


  • Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC (CMA) (Dallas, TX, USA)
    CMA is a premier retained & contingency physician search firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  We operate at the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and confidentiality!  We work with physicians in over 31 medical specialties.  Our clientele ranges from small medical groups to large national medical conglomerates.  All of our search consultants are college educated with extensive credentials in the medical search industry.  So call on us with confidence!  We're here to help you with your next career move or the next addition to your medical team!!  

  • Deborah Careers  (Brown Mills, NJ, USA)

  • DoctorsOnly, Inc. (Vermont, IL, USA)
    DoctorsOnly, Inc. is a physician recruitment firm that works FOR YOU, AT NO COST TO YOU! As we all know, you can find a job...Our goal is to assist you in
    finding that "perfect practice."  We customize our searches in accordance with your practice needs and desires, guiding you through the cumbersome process of searching for a permanent position. We will work with you on a one to one basis, we do ask that you give us your attention and co-operation throughout this process which includes promptly returning calls and providing accurate information and feedback.

  • MCA (Tampa, FL, USA)
    Specializing Exclusively in Florida Opportunities, MCA represents over 30 Cardiology opportunities in the state.  

    Web Site:

  • MedHawk (Ladera Ranch, CA, USA)
    We are a nationwide full service physician recruiting and consulting firm if you want more exposure to the full spectrum of Cardiology and the ability to live in south Orange County.
    Web Site:


  • Mediplacements (United Kingdom)
    Specialists in Cardiology Recruitment in the UK. If you have experience in exercise stress testing, tape analysis, cath lab, EP, Echocardiography, pacing checks and follow-up and would like to work in the some of the UK's best hospitals then email us your details. You must have at least 2 years experience and be degree qualified with knowledge of the above listed areas.


  • Royal Oak Cardiology Group (Illinois, USA)
    Cardiology Opportunities found and placed here. Cardiology-only recruitment firm. Placing cardiologists in leading opportunities nationwide. Members of the NAPR and NCHCR Associations. Over 500 job opportunities currently posted for viewing. Contact us today!


  • VISTA Staffing Solutions (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
    VISTA Staffing Solutions plays an active role in helping physicians shape truly satisfying careers. Through locum tenens and temp-to-permanent opportunities, VISTA provides career-enhancing experiences based on a physician's immediate needs and future professional goals.




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