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The International Academy of Cardiology is dedicated to the advancement of global research in cardiovascular medicine through the support of scientific meetings and publications.
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 Editor: Asher Kimchi, MD

Preterm Birth is a Risk Factor For Hypertension Later in Life
Medical and technological advances have made it possible for more preterm babies to survive into adulthood, making a new population of adults with unknown health risks. However, a recent study by Stefan Johansson, MD et al. from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden published in the November 29, 2005 issue of Circulation showed that young men who were born preterm have a higher risk of high systolic blood pressure than men born at or beyond full term. They also showed that the risk for high systolic blood pressure increases as gestational age decreases. MOREĽ

Soy Protein Shows Significant Lowering of Blood Pressure
Increased intake of soy protein shows promising means of preventing and treating hypertension. At the 12th World Congress on Heart Disease in Vancouver B.C., Jiang He M.D. from Tulane University in Louisiana discussed the benefits of consuming soy protein for hypertension. At the meeting, sponsored by the International Academy of Cardiology, Dr. He presented results from a multi-center, double-blind, randomized, controlled trial of soybean protein in 302 Chinese adults. MORE...

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